Friday, August 30, 2013

calming the frightened deer – v3

eyes of our clients
wide-eyed, sweating,
panic in the hallways
steps of the court,
as an animal, a deer
caught in the woods;
nowhere to run
Wolves on the hunt

not knowing what to do
only wanting to run,
calming frightened deer
to bring them back;
regaining some composure
some semblance they are human
supposedly governed
by our minds, our reason

by reason, by thought
yet for an instant propelled
back eons of life, ancient;
returning to a more primitive state
where law has no meaning,
not knowing what to do
wanting to run, to flee
only wanting to run away

edited April 12, 2014
calming the frightened deer – v6
(editing original again)
Edited November 9, 2013
calming the frightened deer – v5
(editing version 2 again)
Edited October 1, 2013
calming the frightened deer – v4
(editing version 2)
Edited August 30, 2013
calming the frightened deer – v3
Edited June 19, 2013 and June 20, 2013
calming the frightened deer – v2
June 16, 2012
calming the frightened deer
written after attending
NH Bar Continuing Legal Education seminar
Where Divorce Practice,
Neuroscience, and Legal
Conflict Resolution Intersect
with Pauline H. Tesler
June 14, 2012
triune brain
mirror neurons
Amygdala hijack - wikipedia
subliminal persuasion
video – “Derren Brown - Mind Control”
It Takes a Village
It Takes a Family

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