Saturday, October 12, 2013

I love her but she is broken – v2

the words of fiction jarring
his words were laced with expletives
but the invective spot on
the state or our nation as it is

the dream remaining
but America is broken
lost, wallowing,
in greed and self-loathing

lost in the muck
the mire of our fiction
that we are the greatest,
exceptional as a nation

we have fallen prey
to our own good fortune
believing the lies
of our own creation

I love her but she is broken
I cry for my children
living in a world where we are
lagging behind the nations

not caring for each other
dividing our neighbors
haves and have nots
sharing nothing in common

We may once have been
the light upon the hill
but we are living in the shadow
of what might have been

Edited October 12, 2013
longer clip from “The Newsroom”
America is Broken – v2
Edited October 12, 2013
I cry for the children – v2
Edited October 12, 2013
I love her but she is broken – v2
October 12, 2013
We pray for our nation – v5
Edited October 12, 2013
not in a nation state
Edited October 12, 2013
the goodness and mercy of God
Edited October 12, 2013
lost in our delusions
Edited October 12, 2013
What should we tell them
Edited October 12, 2013
I cry for the children
Edited October 12, 2013
I love her but she is broken
October 12, 2013
America is Broken
“Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore” video
watched after reading the post by my college friend Jim Thibeau
Edited October 10, 2013
we pray for our nation – v4
edited July 4, 2012
we pray for our nation – v3
July 2, 2012
we pray for our nation – v2
extract of Prayers of the People
second of a worship series on:
“Cruising the Sacred Waters of Our Faith”
by Pastor Ruth Foss
sermon blog
meditation blog
Theme - Where do we put Jesus in our lives?
Mark 5:21-43 (GOD’s WORD Translation)
Psalm 130 (Common English Bible)
2 Corinthians 8:7-15 (NIV)
Call to Worship(Abington Worship 2012)(Psalm 130, Mark 5)
Unison Prayer
Prayer of Dedication (Mark 5:21-43) (2 Corinthians 8, Mark 5)
(adapted from GBOD 2012 and Abington Worship 2012)
Communion, UMH page 9
Sermon - What Jesus Means to Me!
by Raymond A. Foss
Suncook, NH
July 1, 2012
Fifth Sunday of Kingdomtide

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