Thursday, December 03, 2015

Street People – v14

Conjuring the facts, the images
the characters portraying
the nativity scene, the story,
who would be in the stable
who would be the shepherds
the homeless, the first responders
watching their flocks by night
in a modern retelling
of the Christmas story.

It was the street people, the lost,
those who are homeless and alone
the police on the beat, in the breach, on patrol;
These were the shepherds watching, standing guard,
in the streets at night, in the darkness
out in the cities, the urban landscape;
They were the ones in the darkness, on each cold night
waiting for the coming of the Jesus.

They would be the ones, those
who cried out, in fear, in awe
when the angels sang above them;
Going to that place under the bridge
where the Christ-child was born, in such humble estate;
They found the father and mother and
the child wrapped as best they could
trying to stay warm.

They knelt at the bed of our Savior, of Jesus,
a cardboard box, old newspapers, that was all
there in the cold of that night
with nothing to give Him but their presence;
They heard the songs of the angel choir
answering the angels’ call to them;
Going as they were led to His humble bed
under the bridge to exalt our newborn King.

They went back into that night, joy-filled,
the shepherds, the homeless
out into the world, the streets, the darkness
to share, to bear witness, to proclaim
the Messiah’s birth in the urban jungle;
Wondering who would listen to the message
of such humble witnesses, these shepherds,
alone in the night, out in the streets
proclaiming the coming of God.

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December 20, 2009
Street People
Alive Now Daily Reflections for December 14, 2009 to December 20, 2009
Luke 2:1-7 (December 18, 2009)
Luke 2:8-20 (December 19, 2009)
Luke 2:6-7
Advent Christmas offering letter
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH

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