Tuesday, February 09, 2016

on the rim of the spinning top – v5

Sitting at the outskirts of the Milky Way
surfing the fine edges
bold, larger than life
as if we were able to imaging
standing on the rim of the spinning top;
No traction, no purchase,
holding on by mere balance
making it so,
holding on to their humanity
by a force of will alone

Buffeted, spinning
riding the chaos, the tempest
caught in the maelstrom
of arguments, of power,
yanked, twisted, turning,
holding on for dear life;
Wanting only to listen
to advocate for wisdom
for peace in this moment
not greater conflict

Warring factions swinging
bombs flying, Molotov cocktails hurled
battle lives hardened,
in the midst of the conflagration
standing in center of the storm,
the fire of passion, objectives;
The switchbacks of conversations
out of focused, confusion
some picking rocky outcrops
finding no common ground

Is this the model
what we desire
our way of empathy
picking sides, choices,
hearing divergent voices
caught in that middle
but not valuing their feelings;
The push and the pull
wanting to calm the waters
but the oil is on fire, ablaze

edited February 9, 2016
on the rim of the spinning top – v5

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on the rim of the spinning top – v4
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riding the tempest – v5
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riding the tempest – v4
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“riding the tempest – v3”
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“riding the tempest – v2”
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“on the rim of the spinning top – v3”
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“on the rim of the spinning top – v2”
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“on the rim of the spinning top”
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“riding the tempest”
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“standing in the crucible – v2”
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“standing in the crucible”
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“In the middle of conflict – v2”
April 12, 2013
“In the middle of conflict”
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Amygdala hijack – v3
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Edited September 1, 2013
Amygdala hijack – v2
June 15, 2012
Amygdala hijack
Amygdala hijack - wikipedia
Edited September 1, 2013
“Memory is a fiction – v5”
(editing version 2)
Edited August 14, 2013
“Memory is a fiction – v4”
Edited December 2012
“Memory is a fiction – v3”
Edited November 30, 2012
“Memory is a fiction – v2”
June 20, 2012
“Memory is a fiction”
Chapter Two of book ,
A General Theory of Love
entitled “Kits, Cats, Sacks, and Uncertainty”
with Gene Wolfe quote
written after attending
and beginning to read the handouts from
NH Bar Continuing Legal Education seminar
Where Divorce Practice,
Neuroscience, and Legal
Conflict Resolution Intersect
with Pauline H. Tesler
June 14, 2012
triune brain
mirror neurons
Amygdala hijack - wikipedia
subliminal persuasion
video – “Derren Brown - Mind Control”
It Takes a Village
It Takes a Family

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