Sunday, September 28, 2008

Overlooking the Mediterranean

From the port of Joppa, down below the cliffs
the place Jonah left, trying to escape to the sea
before his fish story, this land on the Mediterranean
Israel, looking out my windows west
up in the town, I was poor, a widow, without services
no one to help me
poor, if measured by money; but I was rich,
when I was told of Jesus, the savior,
who lived and died for me, for you too
I never knew, truly knew, how rich I was,
how rich I am, with God’s love
What could I do, to spread his message
to help the least of these?
My gifts are my hands, my fingers
able to sew a seam, to make clothing
to give to the least, those with less than me
not just those poorer than I, in money
able, with these ordinary gifts,
to touch their lives, with God’s love

September 28, 2008
Matthew 25:31-40
Acts 9:36-43 and sermon,
“The Story of the First Christian”,
by Reverend Huntley Halvorson,
and told by Elaine Halvorson,
as Dorcas, in her own words,
Suncook United Methodist Church

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