Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Garden Sleeps

Deep in slumber, under the weight of the snow
the garden sleeps, waiting,
frozen in the ground, dormant
Everything in its season, in God’s time
waiting for new light, new life,
the warming of a new season of growth
The charting of a new course, a new chapter
in the story of life, the life of creation;
all while the garden sleeps

January 17, 2009
written after posting the following poem to the faithwriters site
With a Little Water

With a little water, the garden sprang to life
green shoots burst through the newly loosened soil
a little water and good soil, a wealth of sunshine
the garden grew.
So are we, in our dry places, ready to spring to life
with a little living water, the good soil of a willing heart
the light of God splashing down on us
Ready to grow in our faith, with the love of God
nurturing, enriching, wrapping around us
in this beautiful garden

April 24, 2008

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