Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In Praise of Taciturn Yankees – v5

Quiet, stoic granite men and women
Long in the land and happy for the stillness,
The solitude of the ancient hayfield,
the thick wood, the craggy shore, the stormy sea
Sometimes more gregarious
that sparkle in their eye
an inside joke within them
waiting to come out, to burst forth

Flinty like the earth, this land
dependable as the seasons
Taciturn Yankees one and all
Of older stuff and remembering the creed
of holding the tongue, stiff upper lip
and shoulder to the task at hand
Idle hands they have not
And we are richer for it.

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In Praise of Taciturn Yankees – v5
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In Praise of Taciturn Yankees – v4
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In Praise of Taciturn Yankees – v3
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September 20, 2005 12:41
“In Praise of Taciturn Yankees”
– While I was driving to work this morning on Rte 101 in NH, one of the NHPR reporters was talking about the new Encyclopedia of New England (http://www.unh.edu/news/news_releases/2005/september/em_050919encyclopedia.htm). They were commenting how New England isn’t just made up of maple syrup, town meetings, and taciturn Yankees.

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