Saturday, June 21, 2014

Zechariah’s Silence – v2

An old priest,
struck dumb, mute
by the word of God,
the holy angel of God
because of fear, unbelief
uttered in the Holy of Holies,
the place priests alone could go
only once a year and he had blown it
where holy sacrifices were made
year after year, to atone for the sins
of the people, of priests, of the Chosen

the people of God; he took his turn in that
holy place, was touched, visited by God’s
agent, angel, to prophecy; but he had no faith
The Angel Gabriel, messenger of God
Told of a son, to him, Elizabeth; a Son
to fulfill prophecy, to be the new Elijah
to be a messenger himself, to tell of
the One who was coming soon, Messiah,
so very soon, the cousin who
would save, save us all
,if we would believe
in Jesus, our Savior
where Zechariah
couldn’t, didn’t,

edited June 21, 2014
Zechariah’s Silence – v2
December 10, 2006 12:30
Zechariah’s Silence
Luke 1:5-23

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