Friday, June 20, 2014

putting on rags

stripped of the world
any trappings of power,
of position, of station
putting on rags
joy in wearing
falling to our knees
washing their feet
the plates of the banquet
putting on rags
of a slave, a servant
living a life
that is more in serving

edited September 28, 2019
putting on rags – v2

June 20, 2014
putting on rags
Matthew 20:28
Matthew 20:24-28
the greatest must be a slave to all
Upper Room Daily Devotional
“He Serves, We Serve”
by Persida Montanez
for June 20, 2014
read June 20, 2014
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for March and April 2014
calls to mind image of Dobby
from Harry Potter movies,
especially his joy at getting a sock

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