Friday, May 29, 2015

Dying in the Waters – v2

Into the waters we fall;
Dying in the waters
Dying to ourselves, the world;
Rising, the Dove may it fall.

Ascending from the death
rising from the grave,
walking with our Savior, only by grace;
Spreading His message of love.

A new life in this age
a servant in this world;
Carrying Christ’s message
to the ends of the earth;
So we are called to do.

Living as changed creatures
a new life in the Lord;
Traveling the streets of this life
until we walk in the age to come,
The streets paved with gold.

edited May 29, 2015
Dying in the Waters – v2

January 30, 2010
Dying in the Waters
Romans 6:3-14
John 10:10
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for January 27, 2010,
“New Life Now”,
by Derek Sum Wei Siang
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