Saturday, May 23, 2015

Send them shepherds – v2

Open your hearts,
your closed purse strings;
open your eyes.
Your sisters, brothers hurting
needing the joy,
the help of our Savior.
They are lost in the world
other sheep
of the one shepherd.

Send them shepherds
to reach the other sheep
to gather in the last
into the keep.
Offer your witness
the wealth God has given;
Give to the ministry
to heal more sheep
to bring more into pasture.

edited May 23, 2015
Send them shepherds – v2

April 29, 2012
Send them shepherds
John 10:1-18 (The Message bible)
Psalm 23 (NRSV)
Acts 4:8-12 (NRSV)
Worship Theme: “The Good Shepherd Lives”
Call to Worship (Abington Worship 2012)
Unison Prayer (Abington Worship 2012)
Prayer of Dedication  (GBOD Acts 4:5-12)
and sermon, “What’s so Good About the Good Shepherd?”
by Pastor Ruth Foss
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meditation blog
“God’s Whisper” blog
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
April 29, 2012
Fourth Sunday of Eastertide

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