Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Family Well-Blessed

We came again,
to that small home in Bethany
home to two sisters
and a now risen brother
Three believers, friends
of the Christ, the savior
God made flesh
at the beginning of his Passion
Three richly blessed friends
who teach us lessons
as they were taught,
of the essential things,
of His nature,
of belief itself
the value of things
Anointed now
by the faithful sister
the one who sat and listened
whose tears
led Him to cry
Anointing his feet
with fragrant oils
wiping them with her hair
extravagant love
from a woman, a family

March 28, 2007, April 7, 2007 16:20
Based on the sermon,
“Extravagant Love” by
the Reverend Lori Eldredge,
Wesley United Methodist Church,
Concord, NH on March 25, 2007
John 12:1-8
and Luke 10:38-42, and John 11:1-44

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