Sunday, April 01, 2007

Peter was Peter

A name, oh what a name
his name to carry, into the world
into the sanctuary, to the pulpit

Is that a metaphor,
maybe a parable
a simile, a
surely an allegory

A metaphor of a servant
a leader who wasn’t always ready
but lead he did, after Pentecost,
believing in the message, the man
the savior he knew

How lucky to share that name,
to put on the mantle, the honor
the name of the rock,
the start of the rest
the rest of the story
after the son rose
a week from now

From glorious entry
into the holy city
to death and resurrection
rising to glory
for us all

To be witness, proclaimer
progenitor, namesake
minister, preacher
disciple and apostle
Yes, Peter was Peter
and we are lucky for it

April 1, 2007 21:33
In the children’s play at church today,
Palm Sunday, our lead pastor,
the Reverend Peter Hey,
played Peter
Luke 19:28-40

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