Saturday, June 23, 2012

Most still in the shadows

Most still in the shadows
those abused as children
society not empowering them
giving them their voice

This story proves the point
so many victims of this monster
taking so long for justice
for guilty verdicts in the court

How many others, silent, in the darkness
in their homes, watching the news unfolding
those who like them, victims
touched when they were children

How many who were assaulted
were watching the unfolding story
as he was led away in disgrace
yet the story remaining

So many who could have acted
to stop this before it started;
so many who knew
they would not be believed

Most stills in shadows
these secrets to their graves
the ugly abuse of power
stealing their childhoods from them

June 23, 2012
based on comment by attorney for one of
the Sandusky victims
after the verdict
June 22, 2012

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