Friday, May 30, 2014

A Feast of Worship – v2

The pastor, in the makeshift pulpit
standing before us, beginning to speak,
at the lectern, far from the vaulted ceilings,
far from the stain glassed sanctuary
his “normal” setting for worship
for preaching, for sharing the Word

Speaking effusively, lovingly of
vacation from work; but, for him,
A feast of worship, in a distant place
away from daily duty, cares of his flock
when he could allow the Word, in worship
to rain down on him in a banquet, a feast of worship

Drinking in the living water in many churches,
many traditions in a single weekend
Able to immerse himself in the healing,
the grace of the time in fellowship, communion
with the saints gathered in worship,
rich and ever new. drinking in the glory of God

edited May 30, 2014
A Feast of Worship – v2
February 24, 2008
A Feast of Worship
Walk to Emmaus

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