Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Free Time – v2

Campsite set
Late afternoon
Late June
Too warm to stop

Grab a friend
Get the canoe
Head up the brook
The tributary

Portage through the brush
Clearing up ahead
A well of light
Among the birch trees

Break into open
Unblemished pool
Circled by birch,
poplar, and fir

Paddle the weeds
Thick strokes, pole along
Scrape of reeds, rushes
Push the boughs from our way

A moose chomping ahead
Oblivious to us, though not stealth
Shower of stagnant water
From his mouth

His rack with molt
Wet legs
Spindles submerged
In the reeds, the much

Feather paddles,
Slide forward
Easy, easy
hush, get the camera…

Too late – A break for the tree line
Awkward getting out
But silent through the trees
How did he not get caught.

edited May 28, 2014
Free Time – v2
posted May 24, 2004
Free Time
saved March 26, 2004
about time on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway
summer 1976

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