Saturday, July 27, 2013

in a human scale

The unlimited given boundaries
binding the extent of His power
we who are weak, of flesh and blood
trying to control the dimensions
seeing God as we would another
forgetting, not understanding
that God is the Creator
of heaven and earth
able to do all things
knowing us before our birth

Come to the Creator
Father of all nations
ask our desires boldly
for God can answer
beyond our wildest dreams
our imaginations, without limit
not in a human scale
but unbound by creation
God all powerful, holy
answering our every prayer

edited/new poem July 27, 2013
“in a human scale”

July 27, 2013
“the extent of His power”
inspired by post by
Isaac Kiiza Tibiisima
in gmail chat
At church, we are doing a study on the Ability of God
and the extent of His power. We started with the request
of the double portion from Elisha's story. It has been amazing
We have learnt how to boldly ask God, make daring prayers, etc.”
2 Kings 2:9

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