Saturday, June 14, 2014

Before the Guard – v2

Standing watch, proudly,
A large flag, the stars and stripes
hanging heavy, sad, the sun
through the thin, worn fabric
Hanging at half-staff
before the Guard, on the strip
reminding us of the loss on this date
so recently still, a part of our collective memory
our shared consciousness

A day, a moment, like that day in Dallas
always to be hallowed, remembered
by our people, this nation

A weathered flag in the late afternoon
fitting sentry before the National Guard;
so many out there today, still,
defending us in those dark places
in part because of this date
seven years at war, invisible enemy
(five more years now)

But our flag flies still, proudly,
to remember, the resolve of a nation too;
that terror would be avenged
our way of life would prevail
that our dream together
will never die from the world

edited June 14, 2014
Before the Guard – v2
Flag Day
September 11, 2008
Before the Guard
Army Guard, Loudon Road,
Concord, NH

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