Tuesday, July 29, 2014

hearing her panic – v2

the call unexpected
because I had forgotten
the issue deferred
but such was the calendar
hearing her panic
a cry for assistance
changing my plans
to be of service
to assuage her nerves
to dissipate her anxiety
asking for help
to smooth their path
graciously accepting
that which was offered
sure this is harder
than they first imagined
than either of them thought.

edited July 29, 2014
hearing her panic – v2
July 29, 2014
hearing her panic
Matthew 25:35 (NRSV)
Matthew 25:31-46
“The King Will Judge All People” (NCV)
devotion “Service with Love”
Upper Room Daily Devotional    
by Anton Kuzmin
for July 29, 2014
read July 29, 2014
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for July and August 2014

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