Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Home for Us – v2

Walking on this earth
following our path
in the way of Christ
guided by the cross;
knowing in our hearts
in spite of our doubts
a peace within us
even in storms, trials,
our troubles day to day
confident in our Savior
in the love of Almighty God.

A home for us
at the end of the journey
the struggles of life
for the building of our wisdom
to recognize our joy
that we have a place already
set for us in paradise;
a home for us, being prepared,
when we are called from this life
to walk the streets of gold
face to face with our God.

edited February 10, 2015
A Home for Us - v2

July 10, 2010
A Home for Us
poem, “Where I Belong”,
by Frank Kagulire,
posted on Facebook
July 10, 2010
poem below
Courage for These Days

Hope in our Lord
the future that he promised
courage for these days
while we toil here on earth

Courage to follow Jesus
on the servant’s path
to help our neighbors
out of your boundless love

Courage to heed
the Spirit’s callings
stepping out in faith
to do our loving part

Love to mend
offering his peace
living by his example
that all may know Christ

Words to speak
across the world
testifying to his power
that all will hear the good news

Taking up our cross
using our gifts in his service
courage in these days
while we toil here below

July 10, 2010
funeral for Barbara Elaine Van Patten
Suncook United Methodist Church
July 9, 2010
officiated by Salvation Army,
Church of the Nazarene,
United Methodist clergy
with reception at
Church of the Latter Day Saints,
and witness to her life
by pastor of Free Will Baptist Church
2 Corinthians 5:6-10
Proverbs 2:6, 8-9
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for July 8, 2010, read July 10, 2010
by Lucinda Haag

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