Monday, December 28, 2015

Moonlight – v2

Board meeting finally over
Stars and clouds calling to me.
Alone on the lake, the water;
Time to unwind.
11 o’clock under
A moonlit sky.

Away from shoreline
Out onto the surface,
Still water,
Hushed air.

Moon before me
Above and on the skin,
Shore behind.
Paddling silently
To hold, to preserve,
The stillness.

The moon
A bright plate
Dancing on the water,
Then a filament, a coil,
Twitching on
The waves.

When I turn
And pull
On my paddle
The reflection becomes an
Oscilloscope wave
Bouncing along
The surface.

Caught between
Deep night and day
Muted shadows and
Just a hint of blue under
The moon.

edited December 28, 2015
Moonlight – v2

posted February 10, 2004
written August 16, 2000
Written August 16, 2000 at 11:30pm, after paddling
on the lake after the School Board meeting ran late.

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