Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cicada Feet – v3

High in the trees
After subterranean slumber
Your shrill song exalts
Summer heat

I found you
By the path
Underfoot, forgotten
Alone waking

Damp flesh
From exertion
From running in the park;
I reached,
Pushed dust
Before you;
I touched your cellophane wing

Alien life
Black body
Abandoned cigar butt;
Hammerhead Eyes
Clear cape
With black ribbing

You climbed -
Tip, knuckle
Back of hand
A Lunar landscape
Tentative, recoiling,
High stepping

Soft hairs
Sawgrass feet
Scrape, slide and
Fall to earth

edited December 29, 2015
Cicada Feet – v3

(merging edits to version 1 and version 2)
posted July 19, 2004
written 9/19/03 14:00, edits 9/19/03 18:40 – 19:50
Cicada Feet – v1
-         An earlier version than the one posted on February 15.
Posted February 15, 2004
Further edits 9/22/03, on 3rd stanza
Cicada Feet – v2
Edits a combination of mine and input from Roberta Woods,
particularly addition of second line about pupal stage
and line about body like a cigar butt

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