Monday, July 05, 2010

God’s kingdom, come

In all of my words
in my prayers
some without words

Calling to you
from here on the earth
that your kingdom would come

That we would walk more surely
in the grace you gave
that we would believe
and act is if Christ came

Our hearts to your service
yet our hands are trembling
giving of faith enough Lord
that we would usher in

God’s kingdom, come
spread the word to all
he is preparing the chariots
the wings of the clouds await
his harvest, let it come

July 5, 2010
last line of poem written yesterday,
July 4, 2010
Loving the Other Sheep

All of us the other sheep
yet all of the one flock
none better or worse
all of us children of God

Who are we to judge
who may enter in
if we walk through the door of Christ
lush meadows are for us all

Loving the other sheep
our neighbors and friends
all may enter in
to God’s kingdom, come

July 4, 2010
John 10:7-16
John 10:16
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for July 4, 2010, read July 4, 2010
“The Good Shepherd”,
by Betty Madill

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