Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy for the Newbies – v2

We should be grateful
praises to our Creator
who loves us so much
like the older brother
and the one who was lost

Who calls us to the field
to work in the vineyard
who keeps going to the corner
calling to other laborers

Happy for the newbies
ones who just answered
joining the family
in following the Christ

Our task to be faithful
trusting in God
our service to proclaim Christ
that all would know the Lord

The newest a treasure
like us a harvest
called by our Father
but given free will

Our witness, our service
part of God’s plan
sowing seeds of his love
that the crop would be larger
a harvest for our God

Edited September 22, 2012
after reading Holly Boardman tweet
& original poem
“Happy for the Newbies”
July 3, 2010
Matthew 20:1-16
Matthew 20:15
Upper Room Daily Devotional
for July 2, 2010, read July 3, 2010
“A Generous God”,
by Joanna Ronalds

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