Saturday, August 10, 2013

wanting to pull the strands – v3

wanting to pull the strands
to unravel the garish tapestry
to bring down the edifice
to cry out for justice
sending tremors across
the silken web, the fiction
the lie they perpetuate
that there is equality
an equal voice, justice
to speak truth of what was done
to expose the hidden evil
the pain that they caused
not caring what the consequence
knowing we all were held in the web
speaking out, sending ripples
wherever we are led

Edited August 10, 2013
“wanting to pull the strands – v3”
Edited August 6, 2013
“wanting to pull the strands – v2”
Edited August 6, 2013
“wanting to pull the strands”
August 6, 2013
“Held in the web”
Jeremiah’s Corner
Jeremiah 29:11
led by Ellen Alward Dickinson
“The Power of Making Good Choices”
1.      Reduces Chaos in your life
·        King David and his children
-          Amnon
-          Tamar
-          Absalom
-          King David
2. Allows more control of your environment
·        Rahab
·        Eli and his sons
·        Korah
3. You can decide to affect change
·        Saul/ Paul
by Lois Flewelling
from Empowering Life Ministries
Music by
Chuck Loucka
and Chris Loucka
opening prayer by Pastor Ruth Foss
sermon blog
meditation blog
Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church
Patten, ME
August 5, 2013

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