Friday, November 28, 2014

For America to Rise

For America to rise
to be more than a superpower
our military might
our ability to change the world

We must Love our neighbor
all are God’s children
the second command of God
after the command to
love God completely

We have lost our way
nothing that joins us
only divisions, factions,
them versus us

We have found ways
to divide our neighbors
Fox and MSNBC
Republican and Democrats
endless echo chambers

To love our neighbors
as we love ourselves
How we should treat
our fellow man

We are no better
than any other
though we seek
to divide, to separate,
by judging our neighbor

How can we divide
separating people
all of us neighbors
under the skin

We all are fallen
we all have the same stain
all of us sin, turn away,
We all deserved death
but Christ climbed our cross

We must Love our neighbor
as God commands us
ignoring the differences
finding common ground

edited/ new November 28, 2014
For America to Rise

edited November 28, 2014
We must Love our neighbors
edited November 28, 2014
Love your neighbors
edited/merged November 28, 2014
Love God and your neighbor
November 28, 2014
Love God
November 28, 2014
Love your neighbor – 2
Matthew 22:37
-          Deuteronomy 6:5
Matthew 22:39
-          Leviticus 19:18
Matthew 22:36-40
devotion “Two Simple Principles”
devotion by Jep Robertson
for November 20, 2014
read November 28, 2014
Duck Commander Daily Devotional
compiled by Alan Robertson

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