Friday, November 28, 2014

shattered in a million pieces

Who have we become, as a people, as a nation
where is the common dream, reality
do we see ourselves as one people
or do we only see the neighbors that are like us
within gated communities
seeing everyone else as others
not worthy of respect, of life
do we look at color, at language
at green cards, profiling, to we fear our neighbors
those not like us, seeking only to divide,
to fragment America, already split apart
by gender, by races, into fragments, shards,
shattered in a million pieces
nothing of the oneness, the fabric,
the myth, the dream of America
not in our power but in what we believed

For America to Rise, to be more than a superpower
our military might, our ability to change the world
We must Love our neighbor, all are God’s children
the first commandment to love God with all that we are
but the second command to love our neighbors as ourselves
We don’t see this, we are chasing the brass ring, bigger barns
holding more of our stuff, running out on Black Friday
after giving thanks on Thanksgiving, WHAT MADNESS,
We have lost our way, nothing truly that joins us other than fear
only divisions, factions, an unrighteous division, them versus us
We have found ways to divide our neighbors, Fox and MSNBC,
Republican and Democrats, left and right, as if one was correct
and the other evil intent, endless echo chambers

To love our neighbors, as we love ourselves, this was God’s plan,
God’s command for man, How we should treat our fellow man, our sisters
for none of us are worthy, We are no better than any other, though we seek
to divide, to separate, by judging our neighbor, that we are better,
that they are just blood-suckers, seeking to steal, to rise
higher than their ability, that others would seek assistance
as if it was a mark of laziness alone. How can we divide
separating people, all of us neighbors under the skin
We all are fallen, we are all naked before God, we all have the same stain
all of us sin, turn away, We all deserved death;  but Christ climbed our cross
We must Love our neighbor as God commands us, ignoring the differences
finding common ground, as a nation, as a people,
or we will be doomed to destruction, as all empires have,
proving our dream was a lie, unless we are willing to change.

edited/ new November 28, 2014
shattered in a million pieces

(this is my 34,000th poem)
edited/ new November 28, 2014
For America to Rise
edited November 28, 2014
We must Love our neighbors
edited November 28, 2014
Love your neighbors
edited/merged November 28, 2014
Love God and your neighbor
November 28, 2014
Love God
November 28, 2014
Love your neighbor – 2
Matthew 22:37
-          Deuteronomy 6:5
Matthew 22:39
-          Leviticus 19:18
Matthew 22:36-40
devotion “Two Simple Principles”
devotion by Jep Robertson
for November 20, 2014
read November 28, 2014
Duck Commander Daily Devotional
compiled by Alan Robertson

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