Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bleeding Limbs – v4

Walking home from school, early morning still,
quiet, past another house, a birch, a sapling,
by the edge of their yard, the sidewalk
the clear sap, pearls, large droplets
hanging heavy from bleeding limbs
three, maybe four, glistening arms,
crying out, for the lack of understanding
the thoughtless cruelty, the senseless mayhem,
their arms pierced, broken without care

Tears sparkling in the morning sunlight
like Christ’s sweat in Gethsemane
His sweat like blood, falling,
reminding me of His suffering
and of our hope, the promise,
in the grace of God

Like the arms of Christ, lifted up,
pierced by the nails, the spikes of our sins,
the tears of pain, the blood He shed for us
thoughtless children, then as now,
not knowing what they had done
and, like the branches, new life
even in the dying, in the blood flowing;
renewal by the Giver of all
the Creator by His plan, by His design

edited July 21, 2015
Bleeding Limbs – v4

(editing original)
edited February 2, 2015
Bleeding Limbs – v3
(editing version 2 and version 1)
new February 2, 2015
winter birches
edited February 2, 2015
summer birches – v2
about Mile Marker 212 or 213
perhaps Edinburg, ME
driving in Rte 95 southbound in northern Maine
new poem July 18, 2014
summer birches
driving in Rte 95 southbound in northern Maine
edited June 30, 2014
Bleeding Limbs – v2
April 9, 2009
Bleeding Limbs
Maundy Thursday
on the way home from Pembroke Village School
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH

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