Friday, October 26, 2007

United Methodist History

The saints before us, toiling in the vineyard
out in the pastures, on the rocky mountains,
in the villages and cities, bringing a Wesleyan take
on the Good News to the world,
a quadrilateral, of reason, experience,
Scripture, and tradition
A hope in perfection
a view of grace, cut into three,
as in the Trinity, finding hope in the grace
that is always there, that is ready for us,
that greets us when we commit, when we awake
from our awful slumber, to give us strength,
and means of grace, to grow in our faith
every day of our lives, to be sanctified
once we are justified, by grace alone
Laity and clergy, a system of committees,
the connection, the communion of saints
of working together, growing together
in a united hope, a shared effort, a common cause
to reach those in pain,
those in need, those who are lost

October 26, 2007 6:57am

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