Sunday, January 25, 2009

From Isaiah to Eternal Life

His life, his ministry, his example
by following, eternity
He lifted the ancient text
taking the prophecy, as his call,
claiming the words of Isaiah
I am, the words fulfilled
Claiming the service, the ministry
the words of the prophet
in claiming him, as our own,
our risen lord, our savior
taking up the scripture, the call
taking on the work of our master
bringing relief, hope,
bringing our father’s love
out into a broken world
where there is still hunger, thirst,
where the poor shiver still in the cold
where the sick, the homeless, the prisoners
still yearn to be free, to be loved
going as he was sent, going in his name
walking from Isaiah,
journeying to eternal life

January 25, 2009
Isaiah 42:6-8
Luke 4:18-19
Matthew 25:31-40
and sermon, “Righteous Say When?”
by Pastor Ruth L. Foss,
Suncook United Methodist Church,
Suncook, NH

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