Saturday, January 31, 2009

Even Me Lord?

As I sit in my pew, the same spot, down front
staring at my hands, knitted in prayer
waiting, for the usher to call, for my row’s turn
wondering, praying, as I walk to the rail
kneeling at your altar, I pray
even me Lord? You offer your table
even to me, your life for my own
your grace, your suffering, your death
that I may live, crying as I take the bread,
smiling as I take the cup, the words
his life poured out for you, for me
my sharing in the holy communion
that same meal, shared by the first twelve

January 31, 2009
Matthew 26:14-30
Matthew 26:26-28
Mark 14:12-26
Mark 14:24-26
Luke 22:1-30
Luke 22:14-23
Luke 22:14-20
John 6:53-59
John 13:1-30
John 13:21-30
John 13:27-30
and sermon, “Even Me Lord?”
by Pastor Ruth L. Foss
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
February 1, 2009

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