Friday, March 21, 2014

Peeling away the Layers – v3

Need to become like children
peeling away the layers;
Our experiences clouding
our vision of God

The lies of the world
layer upon layer;
Keeping us from truth
the simplicity of God

Love alone,
this is the message;
All of the teachings
boiling down to this

The guile of those older
older than young children;
Trying to read more
into everything

God calling to us
come to me as a child;
Simple and humble,
come, sit at My feet

The lesson of the greatest
in God’s heavenly kingdom
stripping away all pretense;
Coming to Him humbly
as a young child

edited March 21, 2014
Peeling away the Layers – v3
edited March 16, 2014
Peeling away the Layers – v2
October 23, 2010
Peeling away the Layers
Matthew 18:1-9
The Greatest
Matthew 17:14-20:34
Heartlight’s Straight Through Bible Study
for October 14, 2010,
read partially October 21, 2010

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