Saturday, July 05, 2014

A New Nation – v2

As was remembered, four score and seven years later
our nation, a new nation, one people together,
was brought forward; but not by war, willed
created by the words written in that hall
the words of that Philadelphia summer
making a bold statement, written out loud

Changing our world, splintering an empire
held together by might, for a dream of freedom
All are equal, all must be free
so is our pledge, our plea
the dream of America, still unfulfilled

So many summers gone by
so far have we come, so far yet to go
for the dream of America to be a reality;
but I hear freedom starting to ring
part of the dream given voice
by another pastor, fifty years ago;
may it rise in our hearts today.

edited July 5, 2014
A New Nation – v2
July 4, 2008
A New Nation
edited July 4, 2014
Words of Mettle – v2
July 4, 2008
Words of Mettle
Read before writing the series of poems on 7/4/2008:
-          Mayflower Compact,
-          Declaration of Independence,
-          Gettysburg Address,
-          Emancipation Proclamation,
-          Preamble to Constitution,
-          Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, 8/28/1963
written for July 4th celebration
Wesley United Methodist Church
Concord, NH
In reading this, I noted that the nomination speech
of the Democratic Convention this summer
will be on the 45th anniversary of Dr. King’s speech

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