Friday, March 13, 2015

The sense of the Unseen – v5

There is something more out there;
but I know not what it is.
I have a certainty there is,
what we know but cannot see
the infinite, our God.

What is there still,
a sense of the unseen, of God,
knowing something beyond is there.
The root of our faith,
all which we believe in,
is in the sense of the unseen.

This sense, gives us sight,
a passion, the fire,
to get up off our seat,
to go as we are led,
the faith to simply believe.

edited March 13, 2015
The sense of the Unseen – v5

(editing version 2)
edited February 26, 2015
The sense of the Unseen – v4
(editing original again)
edited December 17, 2014
The sense of the Unseen – v3
(editing original again)
January 28, 2012
The sense of the Unseen – v2
January 28, 2012
The sense of the Unseen
part of a series of poems,
based on the idea that there are several other senses
besides the sense of Taste, Touch, Hearing, Sight, Smell –
including the sense of Wonder, Beauty, Peace, God’s Presence,
and even the sense of Magic
poem, “Recapturing a sense of wonder”,
January 26, 2012
Psalm 111
Upper Room Disciplines for 2012
January 23, 2012 to January 29, 2012,
“Words of Authority”
by Nell Noonan
scripture and meditation for January 25, 2012
read January 25, 2012

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