Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Happy to be Dad – v2

I wasn’t there with you
when you took your first breath
when you staggered and fell
learning to stand, to walk

You were older
in a way your own selves
formed in part before I knew you
growing on the vine

But I’m happy to be Dad
living now with you
helping your Mom
as you become yourselves

Not a moment
would I really alter
as you test and shout
finding your way in the world

Sometimes we struggle,
but that is part of growing;
I hope I can give you wings
that you may fly to the heights

edited July 17, 2019
Happy to be Dad – v2

June 20, 2010
Happy to be Dad
Father’s Day
after reading
“Dad’s Day Message”,
sent to me via email on June 13, 2010
by Jack Levine

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