Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Made of Clay

Without God empty
made of clay
inert matter
needing his spirit
his breath
giving me life

To go and serve
as the master commands
his hands and feet
his voice
in these troubled lands

Sent forth by our savior
commissioned with them
to make disciples
follow, sheep of our shepherd
our bodies turned over
vessels emptied
so we may be filled with God

edited April 23, 2016
Tilling the Soil – v2
July 31, 2010
When Christians Get it Wrong trailer
by Adam Hamilton
edited January 12, 2016
Giving God Our Clay – v4
(editing version 3)
edited October 30, 2015
Giving God Our Clay – v3
(editing version 2)
edited August 9, 2014
Giving God Our Clay – v2
edited August 29, 2014
We are the Clay – v2
edited August 17, 2014
Made of Clay – v2
August 9, 2010
Made of Clay
potter and clay
Matthew 28.16-20
Psalm 78:1-7
Psalm 98:4-8 (Call to Worship)
Worship Theme: You Are a Teacher
and sermon, A Word from The Last Lecture of Jesus
by Reverend Huntley Halvorson
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
August 8, 2010
Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Matthew 28:16-20
Sermon, “Teaching is Not Just For Teachers”,
by Reverend Huntley Halvorson
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
June 21, 2009
Father’s Day
August 5, 2010
We are the Clay
August 1, 2010
Giving God Our Clay
July 30, 2010
-          A Harvest for the Table http://www.raymondafoss.blogspot.com/2010/07/harvest-for-table.html
-          Ours to share
-         Wholly Yours
-         Not coveting possessions
Luke 12:13-21
Colossians 3:1-4
Psalm 107:1-3 (Call to Worship)
Unison Prayer:
“Eternal God, we have come this day to be with you,
to talk with you, to listen to you, to hear your voice,
to rest in your embrace. Help us to put aside the worries
we have, even if only for this time with you, so that
we may be wholly yours. In Jesus name. Amen”
Worship Theme: “Sharing our blessings”
and sermon, “It’s Nice to Share. . . ”
by Pastor Ruth Foss
sermon blog
meditation blog
“God’s Whisper” blog
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
August 1, 2010
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Matthew 13:1-11; 24-30
“Waste and Grace”,
by Rev. Frank Gulinello, Jr.
“ Jesus’ parable of the Sower focuses on the scattering of the seed.
No matter what kind of ground it falls upon, whether hardpan or
deep rich soil, God will have a harvest yielding a hundred fold.
So, scattering the seed aimlessly is not wasteful in God’s economy.”
Wesley United Methodist Church
Concord, NH
August 1, 2010

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