Thursday, October 24, 2013

Memory is a fiction – v12

Our history, moments
events of our lives
anchored, preserved
as if written in time
yet memory is a fiction
a creation of the now

We recast our memories
our history to our purpose
only preserved in our minds
written on shifting sand
how we feel now, this moment
reshaping the fabric of our past

What we believe
not a lie, but a fiction
a creature of the now
our memory evolving
revised ever, changing
rewritten on sand

Edited October 23, 2013
“Memory is a fiction – v12”
 Edited October 11, 2013
“Memory is a fiction – v10”
 (editing version 3 again)
Edited September 1, 2013
“Memory is a fiction – v6”
(editing version 3)
Edited September 1, 2013
“Memory is a fiction – v5”
(editing version 2)
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“Memory is a fiction – v4”
Edited December 2012
“Memory is a fiction – v3”
Edited November 30, 2012
“Memory is a fiction – v2”
June 20, 2012
“Memory is a fiction”
Chapter Two of book ,
A General Theory of Love
entitled “Kits, Cats, Sacks, and Uncertainty”
with Gene Wolfe quote
written after attending
and beginning to read the handouts from
NH Bar Continuing Legal Education seminar
Where Divorce Practice,
Neuroscience, and Legal
Conflict Resolution Intersect
with Pauline H. Tesler
June 14, 2012
triune brain
mirror neurons
Amygdala hijack - wikipedia
subliminal persuasion
video – “Derren Brown - Mind Control”
It Takes a Village
It Takes a Family

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