Thursday, August 06, 2015

simple prayer – v3

Come to God as you are
humbly, with your burdens
the cares you carry
some you can’t let go of.

God doesn’t need any
flowery language, paragraphs,
only simple prayer is needed.
We should be direct with God.

God already knows
the cries of our hearts.
Only simple prayer is needed
no flowery words required.

No affect, extra fluff,
none of them needed at all;
God just wants us to come to Him
and speak the desires of our hearts.

edited August 6, 2015
simple prayer – v3

(editing version 2)
edited August 4, 2015
simple prayer – v2
March 8, 2014
simple prayer
Luke 11:1
Luke 11:9-10 (ask, seek, knock)
Luke 11:9-13
Upper Room Daily Devotional
“Sock It!”
by Virginia Jelinek
for February 27, 2014
read February 27, 2014
for January and February 2014

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