Thursday, June 10, 2010

Climbing to the Mountaintop

Up out onto the waters
through the wilderness
climbing to the mountaintop
as our savior leads

Going to spread the news
of God’s love for man
doing all we can
in every loving deed

Sharing the way
with our neighbors
seeking to serve with grace
offering a loving hand

Proclaiming the message of peace
stillness within the Lord
comfort in the storms of life
life forevermore

June 10, 2010
after reading
Mission Statement of First Congregational Church of Pembroke, UCC
“The mission of our church is to follow God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit,
spreading the legacy of faith and fellowship to all we meet in word and deed.”

NHES presentation
“Attitude, Action & the Law of Attraction”
Steve Gamlin
June 1, 2010

and thoughts on the multi-faceted roles,
personae that I have,
as poet, attorney, Christian,
husband, son, father, neighbor,
friend, etc.

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