Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hesitant, Coming

Sometimes hesitant
sitting fitfully
hesitant to come
not yet ready
that moment
too some called
to come, forward
falling at the rail
my hands in prayer
not yet open
hesitant to receive,
the simple elements
trembling, not yet ready
yet before me,
the bread, the cup

So unready, mindful
of my feet of clay
yet, the sacrament, communion
tasting sweet
even with my tears
Hesitant, sharing
the remembrance
your love, oh Lord,
the memory, the cross
your choice, consciously
submitting your life
the sacrifice, your grace
the taste lingering
your love, my brother,
sweet upon my lips

June 11, 2010
written at the House of Purpose coffeehouse
June 11, 2010
Hillsboro, NH
after reading the following 2 poems
Humbled at the Rail

My hands cupped
waiting, in my stillness
silently waiting
for the bread, the offering
his life for me, that I would be free

Tasting the bread
the symbol of his life
my life restored
the cup of his blood
the one who came to die
becoming the lamb on the cross

Humbled at the rail
in the awesome act of grace
his love for us
while we wallow in sin

June 9, 2010
written after giving permission
for a church in England
to use the following poem,
posted to FaithWriters this morning


The Smell of His Blood

Raising the bread from the chalice
the wine splashing
running down my hand
the smell of his blood
as I sat in prayer
after the sharing the
bread and the cup
Tangible, real memory
washing over me,
as the tears ran down my face
The sacrifice of the savior
made real once again,
in the smell of his blood
lingering on my trembling hands.

April 25, 2009
Luke 24:13-35
Walk to Emmaus

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