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Haiku – v2

Water reflects sky
Summer my soul open wide
Under warmth’s spell still

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Haiku – v2

posted July 14, 2004
Written July 7, 2004 22:13

Haiku is a Japanese structure poem format. It consists of three lines with five, then seven, then five syllables. Generally, they are meant to be expressions of sensation (usually of nature). That is, something you saw, or smell. Like little poetry photographs.
Didn't haiku develop from the final "answering" part of a longer structure, the renga: a thing rather like a sonnet, where an idea is introduced, developed then replied to, or thrown into a new light? So a haiku could be compared to the closing couplet of a ShakespeareanSonnet.
The RenGa consists of a waki (sp?) followed by a hokku (sp?). These forms have been translated into English as 7-7, 5-7-5. Also, the RenGa is a truly collaborative form of poetry - so a RenGa wiki page is much more ideal than a HaiKu wikki page. Also, wakki just so happens to sound a whole lot like wiki.

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