Friday, July 02, 2010

Beatitudes on the Fourth

Remembering his teachings
the lesson of our savior
his message for living
for the way we should walk
as believers, defining
blessedness in you

Beatitudes on the Fourth
mindful of you, oh God
that we would walk
that we would seek
that we would cleave to you
guided by your Spirit

Offering Christ,
serving peace, justice
love of all humanity
all of our neighbors
all around the world,
all children of God
worthy of your grace
of our caring, our love
all of our days
to the ends of the earth

July 2, 2010
Matthew 5:1-13
and email, “Notes from Peter” (Hey)
received July 1, 2010
“This Sunday my sermon is titled “Pursuing More Than Happiness,”
and it is based on Matthew 5:1-13. If you have a few minutes to read
this passage of scripture prior to attending the service, you might get
a little more out of the sermon. In this sermon, I want to challenge us all
to live with greater intentionality and to find deeper levels of meaning
for our lives. Instant gratification can be the enemy of faithful living.
Intentionality is the path to blessedness.”
Wesley United Methodist Church
Concord, NH
July 4, 2010
Independence Day

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