Thursday, March 26, 2015

All who are thirsty – v3

Standing today,
raising one voice,
shouting into the ether;
sharing a message
that all should be able to drink

That all who are thirsty,
all on the earth,
should come to the water;
that all who are hungry
should be wholly fed

The world able,
if we would believe,
if we would rise together;
to step out in faith
and trust in God

We do not need to horde,
to store up our treasure,
God will provide;
Care for the others
for all those in need

Water enough,
God’s grace sufficient,
all will be provided;
we should be showering
all people with love

Bearing witness,
and bottles of water,
food for the hungry;
a spring should be flowing
in each desert place

edited March 26, 2015
All who are thirsty – v3

(editing version 2)
edited March 12, 2014
All who are thirsty – v2
October 15, 2010
All who are thirsty
Blog Action Day 2010 – Water
October 15, 2010

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