Monday, March 23, 2015

under the sod and dew – v4

the refrain, the meter
the cadence of our sorrow
of the words of our respect
the solemnity, the tribute
a balanced meditation
praying for Memorial Day
for those who are buried
row on row of marked graves
many in foreign countries
those who fought for our country
so many in the ground
under the sod and dew
so many of our best, our youth
too soon for the tomb.

edited March 23, 2015
under the sod and dew – v4

(editing version 2)
edited March 22, 2015
under the sod and dew – v3
(editing original again)
edited May 24, 2014
under the sod and dew – v2
typed September 7, 2013
under the sod and dew
inspired by poems read, including:
poem, “Black and White”, by Shirley Vezina
poem, “Love”, by George Herbert”
poem “Spring Rain”, by Chip Bergeron
and several others (21 read in all)
June 4, 2013
inspired by readings at Poets’ Corner
monthly poetry reading,
at the Suncook Senior Center
June 3, 2013

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