Saturday, March 28, 2015

their shouts became cries

their shouts became cries
the climate changing;
the joy of Palm Sunday
became their cries of Good Friday.

their shouts of “Hosanna!”
of the triumphal entrance
the Messiah entering Jerusalem
before the Passover.

their cries of “Crucify Him!”
echoing on that Friday
the judgment on the people
resounding off the Stone Pavement.

their shouts of joy
became their cries of anger
the Messiah before them;
but they would not believe.

edited March 28, 2015
new title, “their shouts became cries”

edited March 28, 2015
the shouts became cries – v2
March 27, 2015
the shouts became cries
What a Week
John 11
John 12
Matthew 21
Mark 15
Luke 23
Message, “What a Week!” (as drafted before the service)
Message, “What a Week!” (more like as preached)
Opening Prayer
Closing Prayer
Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church
Fourth Friday of the month service at Mt. Heights Health Care Facility
worship led by Raymond A. Foss
March 27, 2015

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