Saturday, April 11, 2015

Barrington – v2

Land in the rough,
By design and by tradition;
A sense of place
in the wood, by the water.

Stone wall and lake and meadow
Wood and bramble;
Cloud of dust off a dirt road,
The crack of a branch underfoot.

Woodpeckers, turkeys,
Deer, moose, and bear;
Beaver and fox,
In the wood and marshland.

Loon and mallard
Kingbird and heron by the water;
rustic cabins
by the side of the lake.

Fiddleheads, lady slippers,
Mayflowers, starflowers, Salamanders;
Ants, lots of ants
In the yard and by my house.

edited April 11, 2015
Barrington – v2

posted February 8, 2004
(4 days after started blog)
Written 11/30/2000 at 9:30 for the Barrington Library
rededication on 12/9/2000

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