Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Fire Spreading – v2

From the Upper Room,
into the Temple
The fire spreading
the flames growing,
building, new wood, new disciples added
power and authority, in Christ’s name
given, used by emboldened, ordinary people
changing the order, the rule of law
in their time, in their place
moving the foundations, the pilings
the stones shaking
the fire spreading still
around the world
a groundswell, a brushfire raging
smoldering when beaten back
never extinguished, always growing
spreading His love, His truth, His mighty name
to the ends of the earth

edited July 12, 2014
The Fire Spreading – v2

September 21, 2008
The Fire Spreading
Psalm 8,
Acts 4:13-17,
Call to Worship, from Book of Common Worship,
Unison Prayer, from The Worship Sourcebook,
and sermon, “Every Day People”
by Pastor Ruth Foss
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Suncook United Methodist Church

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