Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rest Under His Yoke – v2

Rest from the burdens, the heavy loads
of life, of our day to day, our lives cluttered
filled by the urgent, not the important
carrying too much, too great a load

Rest from the struggles, in the grace of simplicity
the discipline of letting go, of setting down
the unnecessary load, of picking up the yoke of Christ
the burden lightening under the yoke

Rest under his yoke, sharing the journey with our Savior
walking in his presence, in his light, transformed
released of the loads, the burdens we have carried
lifted up, rising, new lives, going

Rest for the journey, focused, our eyes on him,
our heart, our faces, set for Jerusalem, to his destiny
understanding more fully, perhaps, the words of the Master
the sacrifice on the cross, the freedom

Rest for today, for tomorrow, lives ordered by the rocks,
by the important things of our walk, our days
Rest in our Lord, under his yoke, together
to carry the load, the joy, our cross, into the world

edited July 10, 2014
Rest Under His Yoke – v2
March 15, 2009
Rest Under His Yoke
Matthew 11:28-30
Romans 12:3-13
Matthew 23:1-12
and sermon, “’Tis a Gift to Be Simple, ‘Tis a Gift to Be Free”
by Reverend Huntley Halvorson
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
March 15, 2009

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