Thursday, October 16, 2014

Poverty – Blog Action Day – v3

Poverty, the lack of drinking water,
famine, starvation, uninsured children, dying;
a pandemic of diseases with known cures
all because of indifference, negligence,
these are all crimes against humanity,
far too often against children
the capricious inequality
those who hold onto power

In a world with such wealth
connected by travel, by cable,
organization of nations
never should there be these conditions
no one should know want
none should be left out, cast off,
on the face of the earth
on the scale in which they exist.

This must be the first day a sea change
of the end of this history;
where the world’s nations
will not tolerate this reality
the inequality of God’s children;
the first day when love replaces hate
where compassion replaces indifference
where equality is on the rise, for all of our sakes.

edited October 16, 2014
Poverty – Blog Action Day – v3

edited August 2, 2014
Poverty – Blog Action Day – v2
October 15, 2008
Poverty – Blog Action Day
Blog Action Day, poverty
Blog Action Day

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