Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kicked Out of Nazareth

Called by the Spirit
descending on his life a dove
rising from the waters
baptized by John

Tempted by the devil
starving in the desert
all the earthy pleasures
offered to him

Going home
reading the scripture
the definition of his call
too much for them to bear

Kicked out of Nazareth
out into the countryside
needing another place
to call his earthly home

February 11, 2010
Luke 4:1-13
Readings from, “In the Name of Jesus”, by Henri Nouwen
Worship service after Our Family’s Table
Mediation by Reverend Huntley Halvorson
on Luke 4:1-11,
Suncook United Methodist Church
Suncook, NH
February 10, 2010
Luke 3:21-23
Luke 4:14:30
Upper Room Disciplines for 2010
for January 25, 2010 to January 31, 2010,
“A Standing Invitation”,
by Ray Waddle
Luke 4:12-30 for January 30, 2010
Isaiah 61:1

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